Never to forget


Never to forget Marilá Dardot, 2006 Polyptych with 7 pieces Typing on paper 31.5 x 22.5 cm (each)In this series, the artist chose mottoes, goals and philosophies by taking texts from other authors. these phrases are typed on an old form paper currently available commercially, but containing a manufacture flaw: it was printed [...]



Site specific for Museu de Arte da Pampulha 40 sentences printed on metal signsStrolling through the museum garden I noticed signs stuck into the ground: “Don’t walk on the grass”, “No fishing”, “No bicycles”. I wanted to put up signs that were neither prohibitive nor commanding, that would help us perceive the surroundings [...]

Entre nós
Between us


Video installation 13 videos (variable duration), tvs on wood supports Color, soundI invited some friends to play a game of dice with letters. There weren’t many rules: simply to spell words using the letters revealed after the thirteen dice had been cast. It was provocative, in showing the way a dialogue is constructed [...]