Demão (Coating) Marilá Dardot, 2016 Installlation Latex paint on 7 wood panels Based on a historical research, the artist selected mottos and slogans of various federal administrations in Brazil and protest statements, ranging from “Independence or death” (D. Pedro I, 1822) to the current phrases. The sentences are painted on the exhibition panels [...]

Código desconhecido (Chácara Lane)
Unknown code (Chácara Lane)


Código desconhecido (Chácara Lane) Marilá Dardot, 2016 Políptico - 101 peças feitas de fragmentos de livros colados em mdf, fixadas na parede com Velcro Dimensões variáveis Lombadas de livros organizadas por tamanho em blocos que se assemelham a códigos de barras ilegíveis. Apagadas as narrativas, resta-nos a sua estrutura, o que costumava colocar [...]

A República
The Republic


A República (The Republic) Marilá Dardot, 2016 Digital printing on cotton fabric 90×130 (each part of 3) On the evening of 17 April 2016 Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies voted for the “yes” on the impeachment against the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff. Watched by tens of millions at home and in the streets, [...]