EP album, record player and wooden table 74,5 x 42 x 46,5 cm A record player plays the four poems of Maria Teresa Horta’s Minha Senhora de mim – another work considered obscene and prohibited by censorship in Portugal, 1971. The poems are sung by Teresa Paula Brito and the musical composition is the [...]

Libro de Colorear


Series of 5 drawings Crayon on inkjet print in Photo Rag Hahnemüle paper 8.27 x 11.69 in (each) The permanent sign of violence, reinforced by images of death and helplessness day by day, is expressed in an anthology of journalistic photographs that have shown the atrocities that occurred along the migratory route. The images [...]



9 bundles of white paper distributed in 3 piles, 14 books 300 x 200 x 100 cm (each pile) Installation composed of bundles of paper tied with wire and stacked one on the other. Among the bundles, the artist placed some copies of forbidden books in Portugal (all writen by women, among them the famous [...]